Temporary Exhibitions

Exhibition "El món dels vencedors / The World of Victors" by Ignasi Prat

MUME, from July, 7 at november, 26, 2017

Opening: Friday, July, 7, at 19h.

Curator: Àlex Brahim


Based on the concern raised by Benjamín Prado’s novel Mala gente que camina (Alfaguara, 2006), Ignasi Prat, driven by the brutality of Franco’s repression and above all the irreversible impunity it has enjoyed, examines a historical archaeology of Francoism through the aesthetic recovery of the façades of the houses of the regime’s leaders and the repression it carried out.

The first stage of the project consisted of finding the death certifications of those involved with the addresses of the houses they lived in to locate these places throughout the Spanish geography, identifying and photographing them. Prat appropriates an image that, rather than a memory, is a spatial and temporal collection of a political time that persists camouflaged in the historical event, and shows us these veiled refuges of power, which survive in the biography of their owners and preserve, for their successors, all the related advantages.

The artist highlights, with perspicacity and subtlety, the absurdity underpinning the official history. A clear manifesto of generational rupture ‒ those who did not live through the regime ‒ that explores the current tendency to an economy of signed experience and turns the portrayals of the world of the victors into the very place where this account by the victors is challenged, which by consensus guaranteed the immunity of this world and its survival, and silenced account of the defeated.

This review of the regime’s aesthetic postulates, symbolically elementary as a self-representation, based on what is overly visible of its spaces of privacy, is a perverse shift, a side B of its image, which out of poetic justice exercises a commitment to the debts of the past that the present still vindicates. A critical cultural practice that feeds off historiography and archive, linked to a rigorous photographic production that uses the photographic medium and its mnemonic function as countersense devices: the transmissibility of photography as a disruptive updating rather than as continuity. Halfway between visual language and historical narrative, this fusion between political and aesthetic discourse is an act of semiotic responsibility with the viewpoint, understood as a factual point of view of the photographic event but also as an ethical space to approach the historical event.

With the subtitle of Saló de l’exili / Exile Salon, in an exhibition held in a location full of meaning as it is a museum dedicated to the historical memory of the Spanish Civil War and particularly the issue of exile, the artist refers, through the arrangement of the pieces in the room, to the art salons of 18th and 19th century Paris, as the origin of the art salon of Francoism. Moreover, the pieces exhibited are complemented with a selection of graphic and communication material from previous exhibitions and a map showing the location of the residences in the Spanish State.

However, El món dels vencedors / The World of Victors, still active as a process, will adopt different formats or complementary subtitles to generate new readings and devices depending on the degree of development of the project and the framework of each exhibition. An open artistic process that is also a provisional historical medium: a way of keeping the urgency of what is still expectant alive.

Ignasi Prat (Sant Esteve de Palautordera, 1981). Master's degree in Production and Artistic Research from the University of Barcelona, Graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, Postgraduate in Photography at IDEP (Higher School of Image and Design), Higher Graduate from the Escola GROC and specialised in travel and creative photography from IEFC (Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya). Based on political motivations and issues of his interest, his work proposes a political-aesthetic discourse that combines the awareness of cultural theory and a command of photographic practice, mainly focusing on serial productions, although he makes an occasional use of the installation, reappropriation of images, interventions in the public space or video. He has earned scholarships from BCN Producció, Vegap, Sala d’Art Jove, Can Felipa Arts Visuals, UNZIP in El Prat de Llobregat or the Arxiu Comarcal Urgell and awards such as "Visionado Fotográfico" Photoalicante / International Photography Festival, the Ciutat de Manacor Prize of Visual Arts, Biennale de la Jeune Création Européenne, the first photography prize at the Certamen Pancho Cossío in Santander, second prize at the Certamen Joven de Artes Plásticas in Granada, third prize at the Certamen de Artes Plásticas Diputación de Ourense or the national photography prize València Crea. He is currently represented by the gallery Addaya and has been included in the publication Arte español contemporáneo (1992-2013), edited by La Fábrica under the direction of Rafael Doctor.

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