Art and memory: Guillem Vidal

Art and memory: Guillem Vidal
Tue, 17. September 2013 - Wed, 8. January 2014
Art i memòria històric EN


Art and Memory: Guillem vidal

The P Line revealed

From september 17h 2013 at January 8th 2014

Espace-hall of MUME

Between 1944 and 1955, the General Staff of General Franco’s army began construction of a long defence line across the Pyrenees. Its function was to protect the dictatorial regime from a possible invasion by the Allies and members of the resistance who went into exile during and after the Second World War. It was commonly known as the P, Gutiérrez, Pérez or Franco Line, and for various reasons it was never completed. The fires in the area of El Empordà in summer 2012 revealed the bunkers that formed part of this overambitious project.

The photographs of this small exhibition reveal what in other places remains concealed by the forest and forgotten by memory.

Art and Memory. Contemporary Artistic Initiatives


This space – which has occasional contributions from the Maçart group – is devoted to the periodical exhibition of contemporary artistic initiatives based on the relations between art and memory – individual and collective – associated with historical and political events. In this respect, priority is given to those works that, based on a documentary, emotional and reflective perspective, consider the function and influence that memory and the figure of the witness can have both in understanding 20th century history and in a possible critical approach to the complexity of today’s world.

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