Art and memory: Roser Bover

Art and memory: Roser Bover
Sat, 21. January 2017 - Sun, 4. June 2017
Art i memòria històric EN


Art and memory: Roser Bover

holes in the wall, 2016

Installation, series of images of Syrian refugees downloaded from the Internet and recomposed on PVC, aluminum cables and printed paper

Exhibition from January 21 to June 4,2017 

Hall of the MUME

With the artistic installation, with holes in the wall, Roser Bover proposes a reflection on the attitude adopted by the spheres of power towards migratory flows and which reduces the exile and / or migrant to simple “residual humans”; an expression used by Zygmunt Bauman in his essay Wasted Lives. This attitude triggers very strong and painful words, such as displaced, shipwrecked, undocumented, illegal ... Language and images are no stranger to the defection of those who could subvert the situation.

This work stands as a critical and poetic counter-narrative to the pain, loss, and walls that are built everywhere, due to geopolitical interests and a socioeconomic crisis of ethical significance that undermines the basic principles of humanism.

Inauguration, Saturday, January 21, at 11h 

Presentation of the project by art critic, Magdala Perpinyà

During the opening ceremony, the video will be shown ... on the wall

Then, the actress, Meritxell Yanes, and the poet, Roger Costa-Pau, will read excerpts from various texts.


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