Exhibition: Über alles, by Àngel Jové

Exhibition: Über alles, by Àngel Jové
Sam, 27. février 2021 - Dim, 4. avril 2021
Exposició Temporal Futura FR


Exhibition Über alles, by Àngel Jové

From February 27 to April 4, 2021

Opening on Saturday, February 27, 2021

Àngel Jové presents a series of drawings and sculptures. Drawings where we see a unique landscape, a changing pattern of lights, colors and oscillating shapes that represents a mental landscape, the symbolic landscape that could be seen by the prisoners of the Nazis Lagers and the extermination camps. And sculptures-objects made of found wood, rusty wires, old shoes, and so on. relating to human presence in times of indigence and abandonment.

The title Über alles is a reference to the lyrics of the German national anthem Das Deutschlandlied, written by August Heinrich Hoffmann in 1841, precisely in the famous paragraph "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt" (Germany, Germany above of everything in the world), hymn sung by German society during the Nazi era. But also the words über alles, decontextualized from the German anthem, show that this "above all", or "above all" refers to a space that shows together the categorical imperative of evil and also its opposite, the first wings of German Romanticism, a metaphysical reference, "from the heights," as Hölderlin writes in the Väterländlische Gesänge: Du fragst mich, wenn auch die Menchen, ihrer Natur nach sich über die Noth erheben (You ask me, still that humans, by their very nature, rise above necessity).

Über alles belongs to the time of the great series made by Àngel Jové since 2007, when he made the series Altra volta mossego un troso de pa. Cristòfol - Pavese (Publications of the Caixa de Pensions Foundation, Barcelona, ​​2008), where we already find drawings that refer to exile and the camp of Algiers, sculptures made with fragments to represent pain, mystery and memory .

Àngel Jové (Lleida, 1940), is one of the historical representatives of the beginning of conceptual art in Catalonia. His work has had a metaphysical and reflective reference around memory and image. His work emphasizes the concept of representation of emptiness, melancholy and the fracture between nature and culture.

Coordination of the exhibition: Maria Josep Balsach (UdG)

More information about the artist:


Cristòfol-Pavese (1998-2008)

Col·lecció Gelonch Viladegut


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